We apologize for the inconvenience; Emercatto will start accepting deliveries beginning September 2016. If you are interested in a part-time delivery position, please contact partners@emercatto.com

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Which cities do you deliver to?

We currently shop and deliver in many cities around the world. Please refer to our home page location finder.

What grocery stores do you shop from?

While we don't require you to choose a specific grocery store, we provide you with the option of purchasing your groceries from many local stores. If you can’t find your favorite store, simple request your store to be added during the online ordering process.

Can Emercatto guarantee the freshness of my groceries?

In addition to exercising due diligence when selecting and delivering your products, we guarantee those to be as fresh as when they are first taken off the shelf. We shop for you only before we are scheduled to deliver your goods.

What do you do when you are unable to find my specific item in the store?

In addition to providing different store options to shop from, we ask our customers to be as specific as possible about the goods just as they would be if they were shopping. We ask you during the ordering process if you would want us to substitute your product for the closest available item. Please note that we are always conscious about your budget and put extreme focus on both quality and price.

Can I order groceries for someone else?

Yes, you are able to order for someone else if the person receiving the purchase is present at the delivery address. Simply select a "Gift Order" in the last step of our online ordering process and specify the name and delivery address of the recipient.

Are there any restrictions on your grocery shopping items?

Yes, we are unable to deliver liquor and tobacco as well as some other products below.

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen tools
  • Prescription/non-prescription drugs
Can I modify or cancel an order that has been already submitted?

Please note that no cancellation or modification is possible on "Same Day" orders. However, you can modify or cancel "Non Same Day" orders by going to your account under "My Order" tab. Please note that cancellations and modifications can happen up until 6:00 pm your local time the day before your original order's delivery date. For example, if your original order was for delivery on June 16th, you could modify or/and cancel you order no later than June 15th at 6:00 pm.

Can I re-order same groceries?

If you selected to save your shopping list during your original order, you can quickly re-order same groceries by visiting "My Saved Lists" tab within your account. Your existing shopping list can be re-ordered as it is, modified or deleted.

Does Emercatto deliver to businesses?

While the majority of our customers are individuals, we also shop and deliver to businesses. For large or ongoing business orders, please contact us at business@emercatto.com and our team will prepare a customized proposal that will work for your company's specific needs.


How quickly can you deliver?

The fastest delivery is our same day delivery service. We deliver within 2 hour from the time of your grocery list submission.

Does Emercatto allow returns of purchased items?

We only accept returns of groceries at delivery. If we accidentaly purchase the wrong item, we can simply subtract that item from your purchase order at the time of delivery.

Do I have to be at home during the selected delivery window?

Emercatto delivers groceries and other items only to the address provided online. Please note that we are unable to leave your purchased products unattended. You have to be present or have an authorized person present at the address you have selected for delivery.

What happens if Emercatto does not deliver my shopping list items during the selected time for delivery?

Emercatto strives for perfection when it comes to getting you the best possible experience ordering with us. Although extremely rare, if we do not deliver your order during the pre-selected delivery time due to unforeseen circumstances, we will give you a 50% discount on our own Emercatto fees.


What are the Emercatto’s service fees?

Please refer to our fees section on our "How It Works" page.

When do I pay for the groceries & service provided by Emercatto?

You can easily pay with a credit card or debit card. During the ordering process, you will enter your payment details and be charged for the cost of groceries and our delivery fee upon delivery.

Can I get a receipt?

When you receive your groceries, our delivery partner will hand you over the receipt from the store. This receipt along with Emercatto fees will be electronically accessable from your account.