Become an Emercatto Partner Transform your passion of shopping and become your own boss! Earn money by shopping and delivering groceries to people in your community.

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There's never been a better time to shop with us. Signing up is easy, and you'll be earning money in no time.

What is Emercatto?

Emercatto is the global revolutionary way to shop. We connect people who need their shopping done with the ones who like to shop for them.

    There are only 3 steps before becoming an Emercatto Partner.

  1. SIGN-UP – Tell us about yourself and when and where you can shop & deliver.
  2. GET APPROVED – Our team will review the application, conduct a background check.
  3. START DELIVERING – We will send you what you need to start right away

How This Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Eligibility

Is there an age restriction to become an Emercatto partner?

You need to be 18 years or older to apply.

What information do you need during the application process?

We require basic information such as your name, home address, phone number, driver license number as well as your social security number.

Why do you conduct a background check?

In addition to verifying your identity, we conduct a criminal background check in order to ensure both our partners and customers are safe.

How long does the application process take?

As long as you have all the information required to complete the application, it should take no more than 10 minutes to apply. Our team reviews your application within 48 hours and contacts you about the status and next steps.

Do I need a prior work experience with delivering food?

While you don’t need to have experience with food delivery, you should be familiar with your local grocery stores.

Do I need to own a vehicle?

You need to have own means of transportation to deliver orders on time. Our partners can go shop and deliver on foot, use a bicycle or anything else to make the delivery. Depending on the city and the area, you might need a vehicle.

Accepting Orders

How do I view and accept orders?

You will be able to view and accept orders in your partner’s account. You can select orders on the basis of the customer proximity, number of items, type of order, and so forth.

Are there other ways to get notified of orders?

Yes, in addition to your partner’s account, you can select to be notified via a text message or e-mail. You can select in your account to be notified only of orders close to you and matching your time availability.

Can I cancel an order that has been accepted?

Yes, you are able to cancel orders that you have previously accepted within a certain time frame.

Is there a restriction on the number of deliveries I can make?

We do not have a minimum or maximum restriction on the number of deliveries you make.

What type of orders can customers submit?

Our customers can select to receive groceries same day or next day. Depending on the settings in your account, you will receive notifications of upcoming orders accordingly.


Where do I go shopping?

Each customer order is associated with a specific store. For example, if a customer wants her product from a certain grocery store, should you accept the order, you will need to go grocery shopping in that specific store.

How do I pick up items from the store?

In addition to receiving an e-mail with customer's requested items, you can also view the shopping list in your partner account. You will grocery shop as if you were shopping for yourself. Simply collect the items off the shelves and go to the cashier's register.

How do I pay for the grocery items?

When you collect the customer's grocery items, you will need to pay for them using your own method of payment. We reimburse you as soon as you deliver these items to the customer.

What if the product that the customer ordered is not in store?

Depending on what the customer selects during their ordering process, you might or might not be able to replace it with a similar item.


How much can I make?

Our partners receive a percentage of the shopping and delivery fee. You can find the current Emercatto’s fees on our How It Works page.

Can I keep a customer’s tip?

Yes, you can. If the customer gives you a tip upon delivery, you can keep the whole amount.

How do I receive the payment?

You will receive the payment electronically, depending on your preference. We can deposit the money to your bank account or send it instantaneously via PayPal.

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